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second chance financing

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance!

Second-Chance Financing Dealers

Does your credit score suck, but you need a new vehicle? A car or truck or SUV you can trust? If you’re looking for second-chance financing dealers in Austin, you should definitely check out Dynamic Motors. Dynamic has been providing deserving Central Texans with that second chance they need for many years, getting thousands of people into nicer vehicles and newer models, even when they have bad credit.

What is Second-Chance Financing?

Second Chance financing is a way for people to get a loan when they’ve been turned down elsewhere due to a poor credit score, repossession or other issue. It is a second chance at getting approved for a car loan so you can own a vehicle. Banks or new car dealerships in Austin don’t typically give car buyers that opportunity. It is too risky for them to provide a higher-risk loan to an individual, regardless of their income or need for a vehicle. This often means people with poor credit are forced into buying cheap, unreliable vehicles for which they have to pay cash for the full price of the car. That’s just not fair. Hence, the creation of second-chance financing!

Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

Dynamic Motors is a buy here pay here dealership, which means Dynamic decides who gets a loan, and the loan is not solely based on a credit score. When you come to Dynamic Motors, they will take a look at your finances, your income, job history, bankruptcy or repo history, and then decide whether or not they will give you a second chance on financing for a new vehicle. Just because you visit Dynamic Motors and ask for a loan, it doesn’t guarantee you a loan. They still look at your income and make a decision on your ability to pay your monthly note. They don’t want to repo your car! What they want is for you to find a vehicle you’ll love, purchase that car, drive and enjoy it and eventually pay off that vehicle – and tell your friends how Dynamic Motors made it possible!

That’s what second-chance financing dealers in Austin should be all about…giving people the opportunity to own a great vehicle, to make their payments and help build their credit back.

But Can You Get a Quality Vehicle?

A difference at Dynamic Motors is the quality of vehicles offered. Compared to other buy here pay here dealers, Dynamic offers superior quality, late model cars, trucks, minivans and SUV’s. These aren’t junkers provided to people that can’t afford a better car. They are just nicer vehicles sold to people needing that second chance.

Dynamic Motors finances regardless of credit. Good credit, bad credit, and no credit first-time car buyers can likely find a vehicle they are going to love at Dynamic Motors. Plus every vehicle comes with a 12-month/6,000 mile warranty! If you’re looking for a new car, stop by either of their two lots. We’re in downtown Austin and South Austin on the motor mile. Shop online 24/7 at

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