Newer Vehicles

Newer Vehicles and Nicer Models

That’s what we’re all about at Dynamic Motors – getting Austinites into newer vehicles – like 2019 and 2020 cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s. And also getting them into nicer models, not baseline stock vehicles. We’re talking sunroofs, bluetooth, and back-up cameras. Dynamic Motors is Austin’s premier buy here pay here dealership, getting people with bad credit or no credit into better cars they will love.

Late Model Auto Brands We Carry

You’ll find tons of popular vehicles at Dynamic Motors. Cars, SUV’s, trucks, Mini-vans…we always have a variety of vehicles available on both our car lots and on our web site. You’ll find vehicles like a Mitsubishi Eclipse or Outlander. Chevy Malibus, Imaplas, Equinox and Cruze. Hyundai Elentras, the sporty Tucson SUV, and Konas. Nissan Altimas, Sentras, and Rogues. Fords. Chryslers. Toyotas. Jeeps and more.

2019 newer vehicles

TheLatest Features You Want

Our nicer vehicles are newer, so they have the features you want. These often include Apple CarPlay so you can have navigation and all the features you love on your iphone. They often have Bluetooth, push-to-start, and back up cameras, which we’ve all come to rely on for safety. Many have features like Run Flat Tires so you don’t get stuck on the highway. Sometimes even heated seats for next winter’s cold fronts! These vehicles are loaded!

Can You Afford a Newer Car?

Most of us want a newer car because we want something that’s going to be reliable and that will last us for a long time. Often, the size of our down payment or our credit scores get in the way. That’s usually not the case at Dynamic Motors. We are a buy here pay here dealership, so we decide who gets credit for a car. Your job and your income are your credit. We even offer deferred down payments to help you get into those newer vehicles and nicer models you are wanting.

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Fair Credit Reporting Disclosure: this application for credit will be submitted to Dynamic Motors, Inc., Austin, TX for purchase or consideration as to whether it meets purchase requirements. I/We certify that the above information is complete and accurate. I/We authorize an inquiry of my/our credit and employment history and the release of information about my/our credit experience. I/We understand that I/We must update credit information at Lender’s request if my financial condition changes.

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