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BHPH Car Dealerships in Austin

What does BHPH stand for? It is short for Buy Here Pay Here. In the automotive world, that simply means, if you can’t get a loan for a car from a bank or dealership because of your credit score, or because you’ve yet to establish, that you can both buy and pay for a vehicle at a dealership that is providing in-house financing for your vehicle. When it comes to BHPH Car Dealerships in Austin, Dynamic Motors is in a class of its own.

Buy Here Pay Here

Dynamic Motors has been providing Central Texans with vehicles as a BHPH dealer for decades. Thousands of people that otherwise would be driving some terrible old beater, or have no vehicle at all, have gotten their second-chance financing at Dynamic’s auto dealerships. Dynamic Motors is the bank. They have a system that determines who can get into a car and for how much of a down payment. It depends upon the age and cost of the vehicle, as well as the stability and income of the person buying the car plus the down payment they can come up with. The higher the down payment, the lower the monthly payment and the more likely the person is to get into a car. The lower the down payment, the higher the monthly payment and the stricter the requirements are on the person getting the loan. You see how it works.

The Typical BHPH Auto Dealership

The problem with BHPH dealers is that most are lending money on older vehicles that just aren’t that great. They are happy to lend them money on a vehicle that only costs $5,000 or $6,000, and it usually doesn’t come with any warranty because of the age of the car. What this often means is the buyer ends up in another bad situation – paying for a vehicle that breaks down, is unreliable and still can’t get them to work. That’s not what the BHPH mentality is really about. Its about helping people.

That’s Where Dynamic Motors Comes In

Dynamic decided many years ago to get people into nicer vehicles and newer models that they actually want, and that are dependable so they can get to work, get the kids to school, and do what they need to do to help build their credit up. Dynamic is happy to sell someone cars for life, but also happy when someone builds up their credit enough by being in good standing with Dynamic that they no longer have to go to a buy here pay here car dealership. They feel good about that, because they know the people they help will recommend them to others that are in the situation they used to be in.

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Types of Vehicles Dynamic Carries

Dynamic specializes in carrying 2019 and 2020 vehicles (this article written in 2021). These are late model vehicles with features buyers want, like back up cameras, push to start and bluetooth.They are also lower mileage, and in better shape that you’ll find at other dealerships. Brands include Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Chevy, Jeep, Kia, Hyundai and many more. See our inventory.

If you find yourself with bad credit, or no credit, and want to get into a newer vehicle for literally as little as $500, then contact Dynamic Motors today.

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