Austin Used Car Dealers

Austin Used Car Dealers – Who Can you Trust?

That’s a big question. At Dynamic Motors, we realize most people just don’t trust Austin Used Car Dealers – and that’s for a reason. People have been burned too many times when trying to buy a car in Austin. But for over 30 years, we’ve been trying to turn that idea on its head at Dynamic Motors. We’ve been around for 3 decades for a reason – we really try to take care of our customers, getting them in a newer model car, truck, minivan or SUV they are going to love, even if they have bad credit.

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They are Called “Used Cars”

Who wants to drive in a “used” car? That doesn’t sound too fun, or something like you would be proud of. The idea of a used car seems like it probably is in bad shape, with the brakes shot, bad smells in the cushions with fuzzy dice trying to cover it all up! At Dynamic we’re trying to create a new meaning for this term as well, because mostly of our vehicles are just gently used. Most of the vehicles we purchase are just a year or two old, sometimes less than that. So we offer late model vehicles with less miles. We often purchase cars from rental agencies. You always here people say they they a rental car would be treated badly, but its actually the opposite. Cars at the car rental agencies are maintained extremely well by an in-house service team. So they are usually in better shape than vehicles owned by individuals. If you want to look at a gently used vehicle, then Dynamic Motors is one of the Austin used car dealers you should check out.

The Latest Features

We also pride ourselves in offering vehicles that are filled with the latest features you want in a car. Push button start. Back up cameras. Bluetooth. Power doors and windows. Navigation systems. We know that’s what you want in a car, so we make sure to have plenty on the lots.

Can You Get a Warranty on a Used Car?

Every vehicle at Dynamic Motors comes with a 12-month/6,ooo mile warranty. That means you can drive away knowing your dealership is backing your vehicle for a good long time.

Can You Get a Vehicle at All with Bad Credit?

Dynamic Motors is unlike most Austin used car dealers in that we are a buy here pay here dealership. That means that we are the bank. We decide who gets a loan and can get into a car. So if you have bad credit, a poor credit score, maybe a divorce, or just a first-time-car-buyer, we look past credit to see who can get a loan. Do you have a good paying job? Are you stable? Have you been in town a while? Then we want to talk to you about second-chance financing. That’s what our car dealership does for people in Austin and Central Texas.

BHPH dealers usually provide really poor quality vehicles. But we are a BHPH dealership catering to people wanting nicer models and newer cars. That means you get in a car that is only a year or two old – might even still have new car smell – and you can drive away even with bad credit.

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